itta howie - movement artist

projects: research

2010 MA research project
Dissertation: Choreographing Rhizomes – The possibility for experiential performance art to nurture and spread mindful awareness of human/nature interrelationships
Practical: Mindful Encounters – A rhizomatic performance project in private and public green spaces

Experimenting with a range of performance modes from public interventions, dialogic processes, unwitnessed self-enactments to mail-art practices, Mindful Encounters was an enquiry into how to choreograph the nurturing and spreading of mindful awareness of human/nature interrelationships. Though varying in form, all performed activities had the same questions in common: how might we perceive other-than-human organisms in a deeper and more personal way; and how can we integrate this kind of perception into our daily lives?

The project ‘thickened’ over a two-week period from 19 June to 4 July 2010. During this time performances accumulated and overlapped, and began to form a rhizomatic network of encounters that continues to spread into multiple directions, wherever participants take and creatively develop the work.

The MA dissertation titled Choreographing Rhizomes examines the role choreography and participatory performance art can play in helping people re-perceive their immediate natural environment and develop a relationship based on intersubjectivity. It looks closely at the later work of avant-garde artist Allan Kaprow and brings his environmental performance practice together with notions of mindfulness, phenomenology and rhizome philosophy.

2009 Connecting Piece – Performance score on a postcard. Feel free to download and experience.